Securus Technologies Is Taking The Protection Of People To The Next Level

Securus Technologies is the leading technology company when it comes to prison communication. Securus Technologies single-handedly eliminated all other technology companies from the prison communication circle. Securus Technologies develops its own software and hardware, and their prices are the lowest on the market. However, Securus Technologies is now taking a break from their technology breakthroughs, and they are focusing on protecting people outside the walls of prisons.


Securus Technologies recently announced their newest creation called Wireless Containment Systems. This program allows Securus Technologies to spot cell phones being operated by inmates. Securus Technologies can then stop the cell phone from making calls. Traditionally, guards would find a cell phone, take it, and report the inmate. However, the inmates getting reported ended up having another cell phone in less than three days. Many inmates get cell phones in the mail or during a visit. There are not enough staff members in a given prison to stop every cell phone from entering the facility.


The main reason way Securus Technologies wants to get cell phones out of the hands of prison inmates is because inmates are causing harm to the public. The best example of this would be a baby in Atlanta, not even walking yet, who was gunned down after an inmate initiated the crime by using a cell phone to plot the murder.


The Wireless Containment Systems program has only been in existence for a few months, but Securus Technologies has already stopped almost four million calls from being made by inmates with a cell phone. Securus Technologies hopes to advance this program even more. One of their goals is to stop inmates from using social media to start and encourage criminal activity. Inmates have been using cell phones and tablets to go live from prison and orchestrate robberies, murders, and more. No other technology company has this system in place. Securus is proud of that.

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