Fagali’i Airport Growing with Dedicated Input from Fagali’i

Samoa is one of the most beautiful countries to visit and what better way to do this than visiting the village of Fagali’i. Fagali’i is located on the Island of Upolu in the Samoa Archipelago which is about 5 kilometers south-east of Apia. The village has an international airport called the Fagali’i International airport which serves the area.

The Fagali’i airport is a public airport operated by the Samoa Airport Authority and serves the Apia region. It has considerably cheap flights and would be very suitable for people who are eager to explore Samoa but are constrained by budget. This airport is also particularly attractive for the use by tourists because of the large number of hotels located near the airport. Hotels such as Knoxville Hotels and Athens Hotel would provide sufficient accommodation for tourists looking for a place to spend the night. The airport offers a variety of flights to different destinations including Vietnam, Utah, Amsterdam and even Ecuador according to world-airport-codes.com.

One can also enjoy a Tropical party cruise at the St. Petersburg Clearwater tourist attraction which is located not far from the airport.

Here they can also visit the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and see the magnificent dolphins at the aquarium. There are many more activities that can be done at the site which will give the visitors an experience like none they have had before. The village of Fagali’i is small with a population of about 2000 people. According to youtube.com tourists who are also sports lovers can visit the Royal Samoan Golf Course to enjoy some golf sessions.

The Fagali’i airport was previously operated by Polynesian Airlines and the Samoan government. The airport has grown over the years from a grass only airstrip to its paving and having international flights to Pago Pago and the American Samoa. There have been concern raised over the safety of the airport and at one time it was even closed. It was reopened in 2009 when it started doing the International flights on dohop.com. Since it was reopened the airport has witnessed immense growth in the number of flights which in turn led to more tourists visiting the village of Fagali’i and thus boosting the income get from tourism.

Learn more about Fagali’i Airport: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fagali%27i_Airport