Jorge Moll Talks About Allying Medicine with Technology

Recently, Jorge Moll Neto, the President of the D’Or Institute of Research and Education in Brazil, one of the biggest national organizations rooting for the advancement of scientific research and the progress of the sector in the country, has given a memorable interview where he talked about the advancement of technology in Medicine, and how it can be used to cure diseases and develop therapies that were never considered before.


More specifically, Jorge Moll spoke about the Vice-President of Sutter Health, Mr. Albert Chan, who has been releasing statements about his mission and how he pretends to improve medicine with the use of new technology and innovative therapies.


Dr. Chan believes that the use of these technologies and the incentive to develop new ways of using what medicine knows with different skillsets and mechanisms is the way to the future regarding innovative treatments. The D’Or Institute of Research and Education is a big believer that technology is the most significant enabler for new pathways towards the future, as they allow for treatments that rely on more than the human eyes and brains.


Dr. Albert Chan admitted that the biggest inspiration to the idea of allying technological innovation and medicine came from the recent news regarding the United States and the Silicon Valley, and how they are using new tech to drastically improve therapies and the development of medicine (


Jorge Moll Neto, a big sympathizer of this initiative, believes that the use of the Google Glass technology, for example, to scan and maintain the information of the patient, can be beneficial for treatments that require precision and the use of many medicines, because of the risk of the patient having an allergy or a history of adverse reactions. That is even further improved when the patient needs a quick attendance, and the Google Glass functions with voice commands, having very fast responses.

That, however, is a drastic example. There are technologies in our everyday lives that have astounding benefits when used to improve therapies. Smartphones and Tablets, for example, can be used to calm patients, to accelerate treatments, and even use specific applications to have different functionalities inside the clinic.


Jorge Moll Neto believes that the future of Medicine lies in the innovation of technology (Wikipedia).