Securus Technologies Helping to Tighten Security at Our Prison

Drugs in a jail are something my team of corrections officers are trying to eradicate on a daily basis. The smallest amount of crack or heroin in the hands of an inmate mean anyone they come in contact with can be in serious danger. Add into the mix a weapon, and lives are at risk behind the prison walls. We are not just talking about guards, this includes other inmates and visitors to the jail too.


My team doubled our presence at the visitor center, doing a physical check of every person that came into the jail to see an inmate. The thinking here was we would find the drugs coming in and we would deter them from trying the next time because they face significant jail time themselves if caught trying to bring anything to the inmates. Although we were able to see a drop in such instances, the drug problem did not go away. We even increased our surprise cell inspections, but the drugs kept making their way into the hands of the inmates.


Around this time we had Securus Technologies installing a new inmate call monitoring system, and we had to be trained to use the LBS software. The company has 1,000 employees, and CEO Richard Smith says they’re all committed to the objective of helping to make our world safe for everyone. The system is currently in 2,600 jails, and getting stellar results. It was time to use this new monitoring system in our efforts to find the source of the drug problem.


Hours after we began paying close attention for specific chatter about drugs, these inmates began talking up a storm. We discovered how they acquired the illegal contraband, how the transfers were being made, and even where they were hiding these drugs inside the jail right under our noses.

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