Kim Dao Tries Out a Skin Treatment Injection in Korea

Beauty and lifestyle Youtuber, Kim Dao boasts over 333,410 subscribers and after watching her You Tube video Skin Treatment Injection in Korea ( it is certainly understood why Kim Dao has such a large following.Learn more :

First of all, Kim Dao had a calming and feminine color scheme in her beauty video. There was an appealing and clean background of light pink, white, and grey. This calm color scheme allowed the listener to focus on Kim Dao without competing distractions. Kim Dao was also very upbeat and positive without being overwhelming.Learn more :

Furthermore, she told the follower a story which draws a person in for the entire blog. She included all steps of her Skin Injection Treatment at the Banobagi Skin Clinic in Korea including her talk with the dermatologist. She even discussed her apprehension about the needles that would be used during the PRP ( Platelets Rich Plasma) Treatment for dry skin. After taking the audience through the entire skin care process Kim Dao ended the video with a post treatment discussion about a treat bad received from the Banobagi Skin Clinic and her satisfaction with the glowing effect of the PRP Treatment. Kim Dao’s blogs are rather entertaining and informative.