Eva Moskowitz Calls For The Creation Of Public Charter Schools

Eva Moskowitz is a leading advocate for public charter schools in New York City and the entire country. The founder of Success Academy Charter Schools is confident that the introduction of more charter schools would be of great help to American students whose needs are not catered for by the traditional education system in the United States.

Although Eva Moskowitz grew up knowing that public schools were not tailored to every student’s needs, she became aware of the extent of the problem during her tenure as the chair of the City Council Education Committee in New York City. After more than 100 hearings, her position on advocating for charter schools was firmly rooted. This way, she escalated her campaigns on the same. Eva Moskowitz decided to found Success Academy Charter Schools to help save the city’s children.

According to a series on the Daily News, it has been proven that the problems faced by the City’s children decades ago have not gone away. Over 143,000 kids are being trapped in failing schools. The school system has been eroded to the extent that they cannot be saved using standard solutions. The only way to save trapped children is through the introduction of high-quality public charter schools.

Public charter schools will help to introduce a robust curriculum and capable teachers who can guide the students to achieve their academic success. Such schools will enable students to understand that every adult around them has high expectations on them. This way, students will be encouraged to work harder and realize their full potentials.

Eva Moskowitz is creating a system that can be used to run public charter schools. Success Academy schools focus on teaching all subjects at the very high levels. Their curriculum includes chess, art, and sports. Before joining the schools, teachers are required to undergo a rigorous training process. The tutor must work in close collaboration with their colleges, and attend regular professional development sessions.

Eva Moskowitz a former chair of the City Council Education Committee. The entrepreneur runs the Harlem Success Academy. The 53-year-old holds a BA degree from the University of Pennsylvania and a master’s degree from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University.