Kim Dao Tries Out a Skin Treatment Injection in Korea

Beauty and lifestyle Youtuber, Kim Dao boasts over 333,410 subscribers and after watching her You Tube video Skin Treatment Injection in Korea ( it is certainly understood why Kim Dao has such a large following.Learn more :

First of all, Kim Dao had a calming and feminine color scheme in her beauty video. There was an appealing and clean background of light pink, white, and grey. This calm color scheme allowed the listener to focus on Kim Dao without competing distractions. Kim Dao was also very upbeat and positive without being overwhelming.Learn more :

Furthermore, she told the follower a story which draws a person in for the entire blog. She included all steps of her Skin Injection Treatment at the Banobagi Skin Clinic in Korea including her talk with the dermatologist. She even discussed her apprehension about the needles that would be used during the PRP ( Platelets Rich Plasma) Treatment for dry skin. After taking the audience through the entire skin care process Kim Dao ended the video with a post treatment discussion about a treat bad received from the Banobagi Skin Clinic and her satisfaction with the glowing effect of the PRP Treatment. Kim Dao’s blogs are rather entertaining and informative.

Eva Moskowitz Calls For The Creation Of Public Charter Schools

Eva Moskowitz is a leading advocate for public charter schools in New York City and the entire country. The founder of Success Academy Charter Schools is confident that the introduction of more charter schools would be of great help to American students whose needs are not catered for by the traditional education system in the United States.

Although Eva Moskowitz grew up knowing that public schools were not tailored to every student’s needs, she became aware of the extent of the problem during her tenure as the chair of the City Council Education Committee in New York City. After more than 100 hearings, her position on advocating for charter schools was firmly rooted. This way, she escalated her campaigns on the same. Eva Moskowitz decided to found Success Academy Charter Schools to help save the city’s children.

According to a series on the Daily News, it has been proven that the problems faced by the City’s children decades ago have not gone away. Over 143,000 kids are being trapped in failing schools. The school system has been eroded to the extent that they cannot be saved using standard solutions. The only way to save trapped children is through the introduction of high-quality public charter schools.

Public charter schools will help to introduce a robust curriculum and capable teachers who can guide the students to achieve their academic success. Such schools will enable students to understand that every adult around them has high expectations on them. This way, students will be encouraged to work harder and realize their full potentials.

Eva Moskowitz is creating a system that can be used to run public charter schools. Success Academy schools focus on teaching all subjects at the very high levels. Their curriculum includes chess, art, and sports. Before joining the schools, teachers are required to undergo a rigorous training process. The tutor must work in close collaboration with their colleges, and attend regular professional development sessions.

Eva Moskowitz a former chair of the City Council Education Committee. The entrepreneur runs the Harlem Success Academy. The 53-year-old holds a BA degree from the University of Pennsylvania and a master’s degree from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University.





Why It is A Bad Idea To Try To Do Everything Solo

One of the worst things an entrepreneur could do is try to handle everything by himself when it comes to business. One of the reasons that this is a bad idea is that there are a lot of aspects of business that the entrepreneur does not know about. Also, with all of the information overload and the responsibilities, the entrepreneur can become overwhelmed with all of the activities he has to take part in. Also, it could take very long to do some of these activities. It is virtually impossible for one man to handle all of the requirements for a successful business.

A better idea is to get some kind of help. This is especially the case when it comes to online reputation management. People who delegate the task of online reputation to others are going to experience a lot of success in bringing forth a good image. Also, it gives people jobs when it comes to making sure that bringing forth success to a business. Fortunately, there are plenty of online reputation management companies as well as content providers that could help with bringing forth something that is going to be good for the reputation of the company.

When one looks at a lot of the successful websites, they will realize that most of them are not solo acts. These websites are run by plenty of people. Therefore, one should consider getting some help with the different aspects of running a website. At best, a solo act is going to take very long in order to be successful. If the user has the patience, then he could actually find a way to be successful. Otherwise, a lot of his efforts at running a business are going to fail for him. Getting help is very important for getting anywhere.

U.S. Money Reserve Launches TV Show Called ‘2016 Gold Summit’

Money Reserve Inc., the largest distributor of the federal government-issued precious metals and bullion, launched a new direct response TV show called “2016 Gold Summit.” The show which is scheduled for a duration of 28 minutes, took place at the 2016 Gold Summit held in Los Angeles with Larry King as the moderator. The program was also attended by Michael Reagan, son of the former U.S. President Ronald Reagan.

The program started by Reagan as he explained the need for owning gold and its advantages, and he even quoted his father’s thoughts on gold. It was followed by three U.S. Money Reserve panelists’ presentations which detailed benefits of U.S. government gold, recent events that led to the fluctuation of currencies, volatility of various financial markets, etc.

According to Glassdoor, the U.S. Money Reserve panelists included its President Philip Diehl; Master Numismatist of the firm, John Rothans; and former Vice President of the company, Brad Castillo. Learn more about U.S Money Reserve:

The show was broadcasted in some selected media outlets across the country. “The show was a proof of our team’s dedication and hard work in providing award-winning and world-class service to our customers,” said Angela Koch, the Chief Executive Officer of U.S. Money Reserve. “We are excited to get Larry King as the esteemed moderator to our panelists and the show considering the fact that they discussed important topics related to precious metals and bullion market.

Our significant and long-term relationship with Raegan and Larry King helped us to bring both the legends together to this platform to discuss the prospects of the industry.”

Since founded in 2001, U.S. Money Reserve became a symbol of world-class service in the precious metal industry. The firm quickly grew in the market by providing customized services and innovative solutions which are designed by extensive research and inputs.

Apart from offering precious metals issued by the federal government, U.S. Money Reserve also acts as the authorized distributor of bullion issued by various foreign governments and governmental agencies around the world.

The firm is deeply committed to providing the best buying experience, and due to this, it redesigned its website recently to make it more interactive and much helpful. U.S. Money Reserve has a dedicated team of precious metal researchers to source high-quality metals, minting, branding, and more.

There are more than 400,000 delighted customers for the firm until the date. U.S. Money Reserve offers an exclusive 30-day guaranteed return on purchases from it; it means that the customer can return the product within 30 days and get a full refund according to the price reported at the time of the return.

Fabletics Is The New Place To Shop

Fabletics is taking over the world of online and in person shopping. It can prove to be one very unique business model that is definitely showcasing Amazon differently. Fabletics is a monthly subscription-based membership site that provides women with the most top notch activewear for the best prices. It’s the number one way to go shopping in this day and age because you never have to leave home. Their newest way of doing business is creating shops in person.


Fabletics is now opening stores in person where people can become members and also enjoy the beauty of online and in person shopping. People can even go into the stores, try on new clothes, and decide to put the clothing in their online shopping cart so they don’t have to bring it with them on the way home. They can just try it on with no shame and get the chance to enjoy all the shopping.


A blog that goes by, A Food That Stays Fit, recently created a review for Fabletics. In her review, she talked a bit about how the brand really just stuck out to her in terms of quality and price. The quality is amazing and the prices for the clothes is amazingly affordable. There is a huge amount of style to be found in the options. The reviewer talks about how the site and the company isn’t perfect, but you do get great value out of the products and the general quality of the company because they can provide you with such a wide array of options.


They bring together the best and most popular brands into one location, and the reviewer enjoyed the overall beauty of the entire company.


You can take their lifestyle quiz today and find out a good amount of information about what suits you. The best part about the quiz is that it can help define what clothes fit you and what it is that you are looking for, and it will dive right in to helping you find the perfect clothes that match what you want and need.


Fabletics is ultimately one of the greatest ways to shop online and get yourself the clothes that you need. There is going to be local shops in person opening up in many places throughout the next year or so. This is the time to join the site and get all the clothing you’ve always wanted.