Why Brian Torchin is a Figure to Reckon With

Brian Torchin is the head and owner of Health Care Recruitment Counselors (HCRC). HCRC is an online site that connects and assists medical practitioners to consult and find employment in the health sector. In addition, the company offers career counseling to job seekers in the health sector.

On his social media platforms, especially on his Facebook account and twitter handle, Brian posts mainly about HCRC; advertising health job vacancies for health professionals to apply. On top of that, he posts links to other medical practitioners, medical institutions, groups and organizations.

Brian created the HCRC to help job seekers find jobs in the health industry without much difficulty. Furthermore, Brian Torchin being the owner and president of HCRC has made the organization one of the leading consultancy firms in the healthcare industry, ensuring that his clients are well taken care of when it comes to finding chances that suit their profession.

Brian has contributed heavily to the progress of the healthcare industry, him being a licensed chiropractor and having vast experience in physical therapy and sports medicine. He has been featured by several media outlets like SerchtoSocial, an interview he had with one Dr James Roman.

HCRC clients are assured to get the best services because HCRC vets and verifies every potential employee. This is done to guarantee that employees learn everything they need pertaining to their career to make sure they are at their best before handing them to the employer. Armed with such knowledge, the job seekers get ready to join the job market and fill in available vacancies.

Brian Bonar supports professionals throughout the process until they get taken up by employers. Having worked with different medical institutions, Brian understands the difficulty one is exposed to while finding a job and that is why he created the HCRC as a platform for medical practitioners to find a job with less or no difficulties.

It is right to say that those who utilize the HCRC services have added advantage at getting employees and finding jobs. The employers have to pay a fee for the employee, making the process risk free. According to Lulu, Brian Torchin views his business as a way of helping and bettering people’s lives.