A Look At Arthur Becker’s Achievements

While working for ZINIO and Navisite, Arthur Becker was exposed to both the technology and real estate industries. After Navisite was sold, he chose to focus more on the real estate business by venturing in condominium development in New York and Miami, Florida. Before long, Arthur was appointed to serve as the managing partner of Madison Partners, LLC, an investment company that engages in the real estate and emerging biotech businesses. In his former positions, Becker worked closely with several biotech companies. He was fascinated by the evolution of the biotechnology industry considering that one is able to exploit economic opportunities and change people’s lives.

Arthur is more productive when he is working with reputable individuals in the real estate or technology industry. He enjoys coordinating and organizing the duties undertaken by other experts working at different stages of the real estate processes. Arthur believes that companies are able to achieve their set goals through enhancing cohesion and encouraging communication within the organization. His ability to evaluate and help in the development of management skill has played a major role in the success of Madison Partners. In addition, Arthur employs talent acquisition strategies to achieve success. He identifies talents and convinces professionals to join his team to work towards the goals of the company. Lastly on his NY Daily News interview, Arthur said that he believes in the power of listening to people and keeping abreast with the market trends.

Before joining Madison Partners, Becker served as the chairman and CEO of ZINIO, a top digital newsstand in the world. In addition, Becker served as the CEO of a NASDAQ quoted company, Navisite, see arthurbeckerstudio.com. This corporation specialized in internet technology, including providing hosting and collocation services to different companies in the United States and United Kingdom. The firm, which was founded in 2002, was sold in 2010. Navisite had offices in the US, India and the UK. It was renowned for hosting data center and managing cloud-based applications, which are crucial services in the enterprise market. After seeing the success of the company, Time Warner acquired Navisite. He also served as a senior adviser to the Vera Wang fashion company for seven years.