Simplicity Is The Key To The Perfect Party

Party planning can be a real headache when not done correctly. After all, with hundreds of event planning companies in NYC, it can just be easier to call on the professionals. However, what do you do if you are tasked with planning an event. Take a page from these planning professionals. Keep it simple. Now, professional companies are able to put together lavish over the top functions, but the normal individual might find the thought terrifying. So, if the hard work is left to you, follow their advice. Simplicity is key!


Begin by deciding on an overall theme for your event. Make a master list of all the things that need to be done. You can use this list to keep yourself on task when things start to feel stressful.


Remind yourself that it isn’t necessary to go overboard on the party planning. Even a simple event can be memorable. For example, serve a simple menu or assortment of simple appetizers. Also, decide on simple, yet classic decorations and table settings. You can even take the frustration out of hiring a bartender by setting up a self service bar to allow your guests the opportunity to create their own cocktails and refreshments.


Of course, if all else fails, you can always call one of the many event planners in NYC, such as Twenty Three Layers. Also known as one of the leading corporate event planners in NYC, Twenty Three Layers has built a reputation of quality event planning. With an expert staff, they can make any vision into a reality.


Twenty Three Layers offers impeccable service and proven results, thanks to their close relationships with highly sought after vendors and establishments. By allowing Twenty Three Layers the opportunity to plan your next event, you can rest assured that your function will be one to remember!

A Look At Arthur Becker’s Achievements

While working for ZINIO and Navisite, Arthur Becker was exposed to both the technology and real estate industries. After Navisite was sold, he chose to focus more on the real estate business by venturing in condominium development in New York and Miami, Florida. Before long, Arthur was appointed to serve as the managing partner of Madison Partners, LLC, an investment company that engages in the real estate and emerging biotech businesses. In his former positions, Becker worked closely with several biotech companies. He was fascinated by the evolution of the biotechnology industry considering that one is able to exploit economic opportunities and change people’s lives.

Arthur is more productive when he is working with reputable individuals in the real estate or technology industry. He enjoys coordinating and organizing the duties undertaken by other experts working at different stages of the real estate processes. Arthur believes that companies are able to achieve their set goals through enhancing cohesion and encouraging communication within the organization. His ability to evaluate and help in the development of management skill has played a major role in the success of Madison Partners. In addition, Arthur employs talent acquisition strategies to achieve success. He identifies talents and convinces professionals to join his team to work towards the goals of the company. Lastly on his NY Daily News interview, Arthur said that he believes in the power of listening to people and keeping abreast with the market trends.

Before joining Madison Partners, Becker served as the chairman and CEO of ZINIO, a top digital newsstand in the world. In addition, Becker served as the CEO of a NASDAQ quoted company, Navisite, see This corporation specialized in internet technology, including providing hosting and collocation services to different companies in the United States and United Kingdom. The firm, which was founded in 2002, was sold in 2010. Navisite had offices in the US, India and the UK. It was renowned for hosting data center and managing cloud-based applications, which are crucial services in the enterprise market. After seeing the success of the company, Time Warner acquired Navisite. He also served as a senior adviser to the Vera Wang fashion company for seven years.

How Julie Zuckerberg has developed her Profession.

Julie Zuckerberg is staffing professional who is highly experienced and currently works for the Deutsche Bank. She serves the financial institution as the executive talent acquisition head. Zuckerberg studied philosophy at the City University of New York’s Brooklyn College and later attended the New New York Law School where she was awarded a Juris Doctor. She has gained various skills in her careers since she has worked with professionals in many fields. Julie has excellent skills in team leadership, employee training, coaching, talent management, conflict resolutions, and executive search. Apart from her job as a recruitment officer, she has been making contributions towards economic empowerment, animal welfare, human rights, conserving culture, technology development, and art.


Zuckerberg has worked in various prestigious organizations, and she has been holding top positions. She was an employee of Hudson as from November 2002, and she served as the director of candidate placement. Julie worked at the firm for about five years, and her primary responsibility was to conduct recruitments. She assisted Hudson in hiring case managers, attorneys, paralegals, as well as permanent and temporary casual staff. The firm also put her in charge of informing the staff of their benefits, promotions, and job descriptions. Her role made her be a mediator between the company and the workers whenever they needed to resolve issues. Julie is a qualified lawyer, and therefore, she assisted the company in handling tax and legal requirements.


The recruitment professionals then moved to Citi in October 2007 and served it until November 2013. She was the deputy president and the executive recruiter of the firm. Julie worked for both the New York City-based Citi Global Functions and Citi Global Consumer Bank. Her role was to conduct full recruitment of professionals who are at the level of the managing director for the Citi Global Consumer Marketing and CitiCards. She also gave advice on hiring policies, retaining employees, competitive markets, and payment trends. She spearheaded the formation and discussions in complex job opportunities that involve clawbacks, equity buyouts, relocation, immigration, and relocation.


Julie Zuckerberg left Citi and joined Deutsche Bank in April 2014. She has held various positions at the enterprise, and they include being a deputy president, talent acquisition head, and executive recruiter. Her presence at the firm has multiple positive impacts on the market. She has been consulting with the administrators of the enterprise to hire directors and managing directors. Julie assists the firm in dealing with contract governance with executive search companies. She also helps Deutsche Bank in designing and executing various regulatory programs such as CCAR and IHC mandates.


As the Deutsche Bank’s executive talent acquisition lead, Julie works closely with entrepreneurs who deal with global technologies, commercial clients, private wealth, and operation. She has been holding the position since November 2015. Julie has been spearheading acquisition policies and recruitment processes. She is also in charge of providing strategic guidance to team recruiters. The firm trusts her to advise leadership committees on great recruitment practices.



Betsy DeVos as The Next Secretary of Education

Betsy DeVos is going to be the Secretary of Education in the Trump government. This will herald a new era in the American education system. It is not very clear what all changes will be coming in. But Betsy DeVos has always been concerned about the declining standards in education. She is already quite vocal about her views on the privatization of school education. All this will lead to developing new technologies over her tenure for the next four years.

It is already evident to all that higher education is becoming lesser accessible with each passing year. One of the reasons is its escalating costs. Besides, the tuition fee is rising at about 7-8 percent annually.

There had been a gathering at the White House to discuss this issue. It had innovative leaders as well as top organizations in education. They met to discuss solutions about these high costs in the American education system. Each of these attendees had been hand-picked by education advisors of Obama as well as from the Department of Education.

It became clear that the American education system is dependent on education technology companies as well as nonprofits that can create scalable and sustainable solutions. Betsy DeVos is aligned to the same philosophies. She suggests opening the education industry to all those entrepreneurs who wish to innovate through technological breakthroughs. She intends to guarantee education for all. This would require a strategic balance between education technology companies and a public education system that is highly stable. Read more news on

In addition to her vision with regard to higher education, Betsy DeVos is a major proponent of school choice as well as vouchers. This means offering financial assistance to parents whose children are attending private or charter schools and not the public ones.

The school voucher systems are intended for providing vouchers specifically to the disadvantaged students. Betsy DeVos feels that public education should receive lesser federal support. Also, the onus will be more on education technology startups as well as nonprofits for defending besides improving this state of education.

Betsy DeVos and her husband have been fighting for this cause for over 20 years. They have themselves attended private schools, and so have their children. In the same way, Betsy DeVos would like each family to have this kind of “educational choice.”

Betsy DeVos has expressed support for vouchers, private schooling, charter schools, besides homeschooling. Another area is “digital learning.” All these are the viable options under the choice for education.

Do note that the efforts of Betsy DeVos are motivated by her religious beliefs too. She wants to change the way we approach the system of education in America. Her efforts are highly organized as well as strategic.

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